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Dhanlaxmi Bank

Dhanlaxmi Bank


‘Evolve by modernizing, but maintain the core value of trust. The outcome is a brand that is modern, confident and open. It avoids ambiguous corporate messages and instead engages customers using their language. Amongst competitors the brand’s colour is a breath of fresh air, and symbolises an evolution of India’s banking market.’

January, 2010


DhanaLakshmi Bank old logo
DhanaLakshmi Bank old logo

My Opinion

In the new avatar, the name ‘Dhanalakshmi’ is modified as ‘Dhanlaxmi.’ I liked the depiction of Goddess Lakshmi and the new color.

Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth. After a research, I found that the following banks too use Lakshmi in their logo.

Dena Bank logo
Dena Bank logo

Dena Bank’s website says that ‘The logo of Dena Bank depicts Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth, according to Hindu mythology.

It was the desire of the founding fathers of the Bank that the Bank should be a symbol of prosperity for all its clients, and the logo represents this promise.

The contemporary ‘D’ in the logo reflects the dynamism, dedication and the drive towards customer satisfaction.’

Lakshmi Vilas Bank logo
Lakshmi Vilas Bank logo

Lakshmi Vilas Bank’s website says that ‘Red is for the values, Pure and Strong. Red is for Truth that can do no wrong.
Gold is the land of prosperity where we all belong, the abode of wealth where happiness hails from.
A glimmer of lights from ochre gold, the circle of kumkum where all good things hold.
Come walk the path of Lakshmi and celebrate her blessings, wisdom, growth and contentment and a life full of rich meaning.’

Now let us look at the three Lakshmis.

Goddess Lakshmi

The first one is a detailed depiction, the second one is an abstracted modern version and the third one is a silhouette.

If you come across any financial institution logo with a Lakshmi in it, please drop me a line.

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