Brand: Avantha

Owned by: Avantha Group

Logo Designer: DY Works, Mumbai

Design brief:
“The logo is inspired by the ratchet wheel, a device that ensures motion in the forward direction. The three cogs symbolise the values – Imagination, Integrity and Individual – that make Avantha the successful powerhouse of progress that it is.

Red embodies dynamism and passion. Energy from the colour red lends to the powerful forward movement of the symbol. The font face in classic deep blue signifies stability and inner strength.

The name “Avantha” is born from an amalgamation of two diverse cultures – a coming together of the East and the West.

In Sanskrit the word avni means “the earth” and tha comes from sthapna, which means “to establish”. Together they represent stability and a strong foundation.

In French, avancer means “to advance”; this signifies forward movement and growth. The syllable tha also imbibes the Thapar legacy.

The name “Avantha”, therefore, represents the strong foundation that the Group provides to the individual companies for advancement, growth and diversification.

A coming together of the East and the West in perfect harmony to create a truly global brand.”

Logo release: 15 November 2007

Naming by DY Works

In 2007, DY Works was approached for the rejuvenation of the US $2 Billion Gautam Thapar group of Companies. DY Works suggested the name ‘Avantha.’ The logo signifies a ‘coming together’ of eight diverse companies with diverse cultures.

Wheels going forward

A ratchet is a device that allows continuous linear or rotary motion in only one direction while preventing motion in the opposite direction. As evident from the Avantha logo, the wheel will rotate only in the positive — clockwise — direction. You can also visualize the lowercase alphabet ‘a’ in the Avantha logo. Crompton Greaves is owned by Avantha. We have covered the story of Crompton Greaves logo earlier.

It is very difficult to find another ratchet wheel logo. But there are a lot of wheel logos signifying a clockwise positive rotation.

Ashok Leyland Logo
When I look at the Ashok Leyland logo, what I see is a PC fan!

TopGear Logo
I’m almost sure that TopGear logo is a ratchet gear wheel.

Mattel Logo
Mattel logo is more like a discount badge than a toothed wheel.


I would like to thank Devatanu Banerjee of DY Works for giving me the details on this logo.

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