Technopark Thiruvananthapuram


Brand: Technopark

Owned by: Government of Kerala

Logo Designer: Stark Communications

Design brief:
The brand new identity is the embodiment of success and the grand new statute of a new era. The upward moving strands represent the constant focus towards innovation and progress which is derived from the humble microchip which has been in existence for only 40 years or so but in that time it has changed the world.

Across these years, Technopark has conserved and cherished every bit of greenery in its campus. The green colour is to show the Parks’ commitment towards sustaining and nurturing environment. So here we are initiating a new symbol, where lies the upcoming glory that will revamp the ‘techy’ phase of the country.

Logo release: 27 July 2015

Previous logo:


A dated logo!

The new logotype kept the existing color palette of blue and green. Instead of “Trivandrum India,” the new logo says “Kerala India.” The tagline is updated from “Harmony at work” to “Harmony @ work.” All lower case letters changed to upper case letters. So far, so good.

And then, they introduced a 50 year old logo as “the grand new statute of a new era!”

The logo resembles printed circuit board (PCB) tracks meant for ‘Thru-hole technology‘ electronics. The pads of the tracks have holes through which the components are inserted and soldered.

The world has shifted to ‘Surface Mount Technology (SMT)‘ – hold your breath – in 1980s! PCB tracks no longer have pads with holes.

A search for the term “circuit” in a stock image website resulted in an array of similar looking concepts. One of them is the following logo.


As far as I understand, there are very, very few companies in Technopark who focus on something related to microchips or hardware design. Then why on earth is the reference to hardware and microchips on the logo?

Ideally, the logo should have represented the technology advancement of Kerala and its vision for the future.

Other Kerala Government Technology Parks

infopark-250Infopark, Kochi


Guilty! This logo was designed by yours truly for Cyberpark (Kozhikode, Kasaragode, Kannur) in 2008. Read the story here…

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