Brand: Lavasa Corporation Ltd.

Owned by: Hindustan Construction Company (HCC)

Logo Designer: Landor Associates

Design brief: “Landor developed the Brand Driverâ„¢ Life in full, which suggests that Lavasa, unlike others, allows you to experience your life in totality and in harmony with nature. Landor created an engaging name, Lavasa, to evoke a life of fulfillment and freedom. This notion is also captured in the identity, which shows a man morphing into a bird, a symbol inspired by the work of M.C. Escher. The look and feel is bold and contemporary, yet approachable.”

Logo release: Circa 2004


The Dutch artist M. C. Escher did a series of woodcut print with the title ‘Metamorphosis.’ Following is one among them.

metamorphosis III

Image courtesy: Wikipedia — Metamorphosis III

‘Scott Free Productions’ is owned by the renowned director Ridley Scott. The logo animation of this studio has a wonderful sequence of a man transforming into a bird so as to escape from his enemies.


The animation is created by ACMEfilmworks and you can watch it here.

The pages of a book transforming into flying birds is very common among the logos for libraries or educational institutions. One such logo is:


Presidency College, Bangalore

The design brief for 2010 Commonwealth Games logo states: “Spiraling upwards, the logo depicts the growth of India into a proud, vibrant nation, her billion people coming together to fulfill their true destinies.”


Logo of 2010 Commonwealth Games, Delhi designed by Idiom Design and Consulting, Bangalore.
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