Radio Mango


Brand: Radio Mango 91.9

Owned by: Malayala Manorama Group

Design: Stark Communications Pvt. Ltd.

Design brief: ‘The Mango is probably the most evocative of all fruit. It is a symbol of promise and positivism. Mango is not just about the fruit. It is what it has come to signify in our lives. It is an attitude bursting with a juicy freshness, both sweet and tangy, full of excitement. It is a celebration of life.

Radio Mango aims to be just that –
A Celebration
A never ending summer vacation
An escape from everyday life
A plunge into freshness.’

Logo release: November, 2007

‘Don’t cry over spilt juice!’

There is a freshness to the Radio Mango logo and it definitely stands out from the clutter. To me, it appears that the logo itself is created by a thick mango juice, spilled on a glass-top table.

Is ‘Mango’ a fitting name for an FM Radio? Well… If the aired songs are as sweet as mangoes and not so hot as chillies (‘Mirchi‘), what do you expect as the name?

The Other Mangoes

Whenever I hear the word ‘Mango,’ the two images that rush to my mind are the following:


Please note: both of them are from Parle.

It’s different!

Radio Mango tries to differentiate itself from the rest of the FM Radio Stations in Kerala by clever and witty advertising. Stark Communications is behind the ads of Radio Mango. Club FM (Run by Mathrubhumi Group) is the only close contender in advertising.

FM Kerala

These are the logos of some leading FM Radio stations in Kerala. Well, I must admit that the Radio Mirchi logo is also a little different.

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