Brand Australia

brand australia

Brand: Brand Australia

Owned by: Australian Government

Design: Re at M&C Saatchi

Design brief: ‘The logo is a representation of Australia symbolising our growth and expansion. It embraces the best of who we are and speaks to the future-focused nature of our endeavours and our outward looking approach to global affairs. Many people look at it and see an outline of Australia. Some see arrows. Others will see a variety of symbols. It is the inherent simplicity of the logo that allows people to create their own perspective on Australia. The interpretations are unlimited.’

Logo release: May, 2010

Previous Logo:

Brand Australia old logo

The Kangaroo is still around. The old Kangaroo logo is now used by Tourism Australia.

Tourism Logos as of 2011

incredible india

Refreshingly Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka

Malaysia Truly Asia

Your Singapore

Visit Korea
South Korea

Visit Korea

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