Brand: UTV

Owned by: UTV Software Communications Ltd.

Design: Bonsey Design, Singapore

Design brief: ‘UTV produces movies and television content, plays broadcaster for youth, business and film-loving audiences, and is an emerging brand in both the gaming and mobile platforms. UTV is ‘youthful’, ‘innovative’, ‘dynamic’ and ‘creative.’

Logo release: June 2010

Previous Logo:

utv old logo

UTV logo has one more variation.

utv logo

Electron Guns

I know ‘UTV – United Television‘ since the days of Benjamin Gilani’s ‘MatheMagic Quiz Show’ on DoorDarshan (in and around 1990). The three color bands in the old logo represents the primary color electron guns (Red, Green, Blue) in a traditional CRT TV. The new logo retains them as waves.

I would like to thank Jyotika Ahuja for giving me the copies of new UTV logo.

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