Brand: htc

Owned by: HTC Corporation (formerly High Tech Computer Corporation)

Design: fig tree

Design brief: ‘htc is a company with the most customer-centric culture we’d ever seen, a talent for innovation and a humble approach to business. By listening and observing, they understand people’s unmet needs, then create products that fit perfectly into their lives. This consistent ability to achieve great things in a modest way was our inspiration for the positioning – ‘quietly brilliant’.

From the Mini to the Gherkin – many of the life’s most brilliant things begin as a humble sketch on the back of a napkin. We defined a tone of voice for the brand that allowed us to explain complicated technology in a simple, human, lighthearted way.’

Logo release: October 2009

Previous Logos:

htc old logo
This design is by Jekyll & Hyde.

htc old logo

The earlier logo by Jekyll & Hyde denotes a mobile phone in the palm of a hand. They says that “the mobile in your hand is like your life in your hand providing you with the freedom and flexibility to communicate how you want, where you want.”

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