survey monkey

Brand: SurveyMonkey

Owned by: SurveyMonkey

Design: Peggy Riley and Hilary Duwe of pH7

Design brief: ‘We needed to maintain the personality of the original logo/brand, while creating a more professional, modern vibe, reflective of a global business partner. We had to create a logo that reinforced the notion of innovation and reliability and downplayed the playfulness and cheekiness often associated with caricature monkeys. We needed a palette that was fresh and friendly, yet solid and dependable.

The iconic monkey is friendly and approachable, but solid and current. And if you look close, you can see that the hair is a check mark – a subtle nod to the original logo.’

Logo release: June, 2010

Previous Logo:

surveymonkey old logo

Thanks a lot to Franzoia Michelle for the inputs on SurveyMonkey logo.

It is also interesting to note the redesign of the other monkey who is online — MailChimp. HicksDesign gave it a new look.

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