Brand: CIAL

Owned by: Cochin International Airport Limited

Logo Designer: Idiom Design and Consulting Ltd.

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Design brief:
“The ‘Navaswagatham’ identity indicates a parallel with Kochi and Kerala, suggesting the importance of integrating nature, culture and community for both the organization and the location it is situated. The logo is derived from the palm leaf – the ola – and its utilization as decoration through the thoranam in a flight like mode. It reflects the rootedness of the organization, the celebratory and welcoming nature of its culture and the greenness of its aspirations.

CIAL aims to become power neutral by 2016. The name reflects the new direction of the organization. The identity reflects this as well – the ascendance of the community, a celebratory and green culture for the organization as well as a responsibility towards greener skies for the planet.”

Logo release: 17 November, 2014

Kochi (KOC) and Kochi (KCZ)

CIAL is in Nedumbassery, Kochi, Kerala, India. It is usually denoted in travel booking sites as KOC. There is one more Kochi Airport (Kochi Ryoma Airport) in Nankoku, Kochi, Japan. Following is its logo.

Kochi Ryoma Airport Logo

Coconut Fronds and Palm Leaves

The CIAL logo is a very good one with an apt color palette. It is a refreshing logo that represents Kerala’s culture and a high flying flight.

A similar looking logo is:

Prakash Kalakendram Golden Jubilee Logo 2008
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