Brand: Huawei

Owned by: Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.

Design: Unknown!

Design brief:

“Huawei’s logo reflects its principles of customer-focus, innovation, steady and sustainable growth, and harmony, conveying Huawei’s sincere commitment to helping its customers realize network transformation and launch a variety of competitive services through continuous innovation and an enterprising spirit.

The radiating shapes of the icon are focused on the bottom center and indicate Huawei’s commitment to creating long-term value for our customers based on our customer-oriented strategy.

A confident and optimistic symbol, the new logo conveys a sense of maturity and steadiness in a professional and international manner. Adopting a graduated tone while keeping symmetrical, the new logo looks more natural and compatible, and acts as a metaphor for Huawei’s open-minded attitude and partnership strategy, indicating that Huawei will maintain its healthy growth and create a harmonious business environment.”

Logo release: May, 2006

Previous Logo:

Huwei old logo

Rays and Lotus

Huawei does not specifically mention on what the logo is based. To me it looks like sun and its rays. To think of it, light is a form of electromagnetic radiation. The logo can also be electromagnetic radiation emitting from a point source like an antenna — this is the best fit to Huawei as they are a telecom major.


If you feel that Huawei logo looks like lotus — a flower — well, you have got company.

pankajakasthuri logo

Logo owned by Pankajakasthuri Herbals India Pvt Ltd.

Read the design story of Pankajakasthuri logo here. Following is a comparison of the two logos — one overlaid over the other.

pankajakasthuri huawei logo comparison

More ‘Radiations’

Following logos have a distant relation to the electromagnetic spectrum.

nsn logo

Nokia Siemens Networks

cisco logo

Cisco Systems Inc.
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