Brand: Mudra

Owned by: Mudra Group

Design: Water, Mudra India

Design brief: ‘In keeping with the spirit of inventiveness, the new corporate brand sees the historical symbol of Mudra, ‘the hands’, freed from the rigid roundel. Replacing the solid red circle is the fresh graphic device of the ‘brush stroke’. Denoting experimentation, energy and dynamism, the brush stroke signifies the commonest human behavior when trying something new- be it a crayon, a pen or the artists’ brush.’

Logo release: 20 September 2010

Previous Logo:

mudra old logo

The 4 agency networks of Mudra Group are now qualified by a unique symbol.

mudra india logo
The quote mark, a symbol of conversation — Mudra India (the Branding & Communications agency)

mudra ddb logo
The degree symbol denoting influence — DDB Mudra (the Influence & Behaviour Change agency)

mudra max logo
The forward mark symbolizing maximal impact — Mudra MAX (the Integrated Engagement & Experiential Agency)

mudra ignite logo
The ‘on’ button symbolizing a spark of ideas — Ignite Mudra (the Partership for Enterpreneurs agency)

I would like to thank Harmeet Mehra of Mudra who sent me all the logo files.

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