Central Mall


Brand: Central Mall

Owned by: Pantaloon Retail (India) Limited under Future Group

Design: Idiom Design & Consulting

Design brief: ‘Central is designed as a playful public space, where people congregate, in the heart of the town. The logo is based on a simple game — rolling ball maze game — that every human being knows. The beads are people, heading for the centre of town and playfully enjoying themselves.

Red is a simple public color. The typography is based on Jigsaw font. It looks modern and timeless. The font is stencilized to make it look fresh and public.’

Logo release: Circa 2004

The Orange Bird is not orange!

Why is there an orange bird in the logo of Central Mall? The orange bird is actually ‘golden’ in color. The bird is a part of the logo of Future Group who owns Central.

Future Group logo

More about this golden bird can be found in Future Group’s website:

Future Group Slogan

A riveted copyright symbol? No, it’s a Rolling Ball Maze Game

Rolling Ball Maze Game

Image Courtesy: nuMaze

I really liked the way in which Idiom Design interpreted the Central Mall logo. The logo connects well with the ‘playfulness’ theme.

If my memory serves me right, Idiom Design & Consulting itself is a Future Group initiative. I remember reading about its formation in the book ‘It happened in India’ written by Kishore Biyani who heads Future Group.

The other ‘C’s

Copyright logo

Copyright Symbol — A riveted copyright symbol can resemble the Central Mall logo!

CG logo

Crompton Greaves logo: Yes, along with a ‘C,’ there is also a ‘G.’ Read CG Logo Design story here.

chettinad cements logo

Chettinad Cement — This new logo was released on 17 December 2009. Read Chettinad Logo Design story here.


I would like to thank Sonia Manchanda (Cofounder & Principal Designer, Idiom Design & Consulting) for providing me the details to publish this story.
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