Brand: Piramal

Owned by: Piramal India Ltd.

Design: Eureka Moment

Design brief:

“The Piramal Group has adopted the Gyan Mudra as its logo.

The Gyan Mudra

  1. An ancient universal symbol
  2. Thousands of years old
  3. Knowledge, action and care
  4. Focuses the body, mind and intellect
  5. Gives the light of knowledge
  6. Banishes ignorance
  7. Encourages dynamic action
  8. The deepest care and compassion
  9. Brings health and harmony
  10. Peace and happiness for all

The Gyan Mudra is an aesthetic hand posture practised in yoga, meditation and dance over the past 3,000 years. The thumb and index finger are brought together in gentle contact, while all other fingers gently move forward.

This is a logo that speaks. Ancient Indian science proclaims that there exists a tremendous flow of energy in our hands. Performing Mudras can bring about miraculous changes and improvements in our mind, body and intellect, to the extent of awakening cosmic energy. The three fingers in their varying formations symbolise the mind, the body and the intellect – hence our core values: knowledge – action – care. Harmonising with each other, they aspire to form a circle of perfection, peace and happiness.

Seasoning an entrepreneurial spirit with creativity and knowledge and saying it with a care that empowers, we welcome you to a circle of harmony that is our Mudra of life!”

Logo release: March, 2008

Previous Logo:

Piramal old logo


Piramal logo is very interesting and is a great advancement considering the original logo. The logo evolution is explained in detail at Eureka Moment website.


More Mudras…

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